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Dexecure & AWS: How to save on your Content Delivery bill and improve website speed

Hosted by
Inian Parameshwaran
Pathman Palaniveloo
June 16th | 11:00 +08 | Show in my timezone

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Learn how you can optimize your Content Delivery cost

Asset Optimization

Image, Video, JS/CSS, Font and Third party resource Optimization techniques.

Optimal caching mechanisms

Learn how to set your cache control headers effectively.

Saving on your data transfer fees on origin

Save on egress costs from your AWS origin since there is no data transfer costs between Cloudfront and the AWS network.

First class integration with AWS Cloudfront

You can create, delete CloudFront distributions, clear cache, etc. right from Dexecure's dashboard.

Comparison with Cloudflare Image Resizer

Pricing calculated for each request! Not just cache misses. Can get expensive even if you just have a few images to resize (optimize).

Comparison with Akamai Image Manager

Configuration incredibly hard to get right and maintain. Very expensive!


About Inian Parameshwaran

Inian is the founder of a web performance company, Dexecure. His day job involves constantly looking for innovative ways to speed up websites. He loves JavaScript, chocolates and anything related to web performance and security. He is a strong believer in the importance of having an open, decentralised and uncensored web ecosystem.


About Pathman Palaniveloo

Pathman (Pat) has 15 years of vertical and category sales experience across various geographies in ASEAN. He has successfully strong customer relationships various levels across organizations and has been recognized for driving wider AWS’ Cloud adoption strategies with a focus on AWS Edge and Media Services. Currently he is the Edge Services Business Lead for ASEAN where he’s helped many startups across the region with their content delivery and perimeter protection needs.

June 16th
11:00 +08